Web Designing

Diploma in Web Design & Interectivity

Duration: 6 Months

Web designing
This course focus on the skills you need to command the art of creating professional websites quickly and easily. The Web Design will develop the skills and knowledge for ‘Front End’ online publishing.

This course curriculum is a complete solution to the design, creation, and maintenance of the web pages and web sites. The Web Specialist course, which includes the latest trends, technologies and software so that you can get started straightaway.
It will give you in-depthknowledge evaluate web site quality, learn how to create and maintain quality web pages, learn about web design standards and why they’re important and also about different aspects of web designing including typography on the web, colour theory, layout and composition, imagery, etc.

Module: [ 1 ] Web Fundamental & Graphics

* Principles of Web Design
* Designing & Planning Web Pages
* Designing Web Buttons & Icons
* Creating Web Templates
* Web Colors, Typography
* Browsers & design Limitations
* Compression Techniques
* Good vs Bad Website
* Web File Formats
* Online Advertising
* Pop-ups

Software Covered:

* Adobe Photoshop
* Corel Draw

Module: [ 2 ] Multimedia & Web Interactivity

* Timeline Based Animation
* Using Actions Scripts
* Synchronizing Sounds in Animations
* Designing Interactive Banners & Web Ads
* Publishing Files for web Ads
* Publishing Files for Web
* Embedding & streaming Videos
* Using Components
* Sound Editing
* Video Editing

Software Covered:

* Adobe Flash
* Adobe Premiere
* After Effects
* Sound Forge

Module: [ 3 ] Productivity & Web Site Management

* Site Architecture
* Navigation System
* Tips for Fast Loading Web Sites
* CMS Applications
* Web Management
* Launching a Web Site
* Integration & Testing
* Designing Site Maps
* Search Engine Optimization Basic
* On Page Optimization
* Keyword Research Analyses
* Introduction to Web2.0
* Portfolio Development

Software & Language Covered:

* XML Basics
* Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
* Adobe Dream Weaver
* Ace FTP

Module: [ 4 ] Live Projects

Career Options:
Layout Artist, Image Editor, Template Artist, Web Designer, Online Content Designer, Presentation Artist, Intro Designer, Visualiser etc.